Volunteering is a common trait of successful, happy people. Finding time to give back to others and to make new connections helps to improve not only the lives of others, but your own life as well. The benefits of volunteering are numerous and include:

  • Making new friends and contacts
  • Increasing your social and relationship skills
  • Growing self-confidence

Maura Hudson, Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank recently served as a volunteer at the Summit in Boston. Maura’s reflections on her experience illustrate the benefits of helping with the Summit.

“Volunteering at CoreNet Global Summits provides me with a different perspective on how people contribute to our chosen industry. By emceeing leadership or breakout sessions, or serving as a CoreNet Global ambassador in other capacities, I’m able to observe and offer a broader view based on exposure to a more diverse group of people than within my organization or the clients and relationships we serve. Because I’m representing CoreNet Global in my volunteer capacity, I am emboldened to ensure everyone, regardless of role, industry or function, is getting the most out of their experience. Attendees appreciate this effort, so it makes for enjoyable sidebar conversations and broader relationship development.”

“Sometimes these conversations extend way beyond the casual, and in meaningful ways. At the Philadelphia CoreNet Global Summit two years ago, I was asked to help write meaningful messages based on personal stories on people’s arms, foreheads, even stomachs as part of Robert Fogarty’s Dear World photography project. By putting myself in this volunteer position, I gained greater understanding of what fundamentally constitutes and motivates CoreNet Global members beyond their profession, people I’ve probably would’ve not met or spoken to before I put ink on their face! A humbling experience. Suffice it to say, I gain a richer experience out of CoreNet Global Summits as a volunteer than CoreNet Global receives out of me as an attendee.”

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