Here’s a look at how Amsterdam-based software company, GoodUp, whose clients include Unilever, Deloitte, Accenture, and, is taking the employee experience to a new level. 

One of the most compelling findings from CoreNet Global’s massive research effort FutureForward 2025 is the idea that the role of corporate real estate executives might evolve into experience managers.

“It’s not farfetched that the term ‘corporate real estate’ might not exist in 2025,” said CoreNet Global Chair David Kamen, MCR.h. “We are more now about work enablement and experience and that might not come through CRE. It’s more about engagement and not about desks and chairs anymore. It’s a holistic look at the space.”

“What we are experiencing in Europe is that real impact is created on a new level. A level where employees can use their skills, time, expertise and network to make a positive contribution. We have noticed that in Europe putting purpose in action is relevant for all employees and stakeholders,” said the company’s CEO Bart Lacroix, in a recent interview with Forbes.

“Empowering employees to fulfill their personal purpose helps you to attract and retain talent, boost sustainable employability, and lower the cost of disengagement,” he said….Employees are best engaged when they initiate a project that links to their personal purpose and matches their qualities, and especially when they can make a difference with those qualities.

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