An interesting story on explores whether the remote work environment we are all working through will turn back the clock on diversity and inclusion efforts. 

It’s a good question, as one corporate real estate executive says in the article, you can’t hire diverse employees if you are not hiring.
But other company leaders say the current environment is providing opportunities. 

Deborah Marson, general counsel for Boston-based global information management services company Iron Mountain Inc., said having a larger remote workforce has expanded her pool of job candidates. 

“This allows you to reach out to people all across the globe and country that you otherwise may have overlooked,” she said. “That allows you to reach out to many different populations and communities where you will end up with a much more diverse workforce than if you were focused on the populations surrounding your main office.” 

Also in the article, Tyson Foods Inc general counsel Amy Tu recently hired four diverse employees and sees opportunities amid the COVID-19 disruption.  

“I think it’s a really good time, perhaps because of where we’re located where there is space and cost of living is a bit lower than the urban areas,” she said. “It’s actually become quite optimal for us.”