With the rest of the world, we are watching with sadness  as the citizens of Texas (and, now, Louisiana) battle one of the country’s worst – if not the worst – natural disasters in history. Our thoughts are also with those suffering in South Asia, as monsoon rains have created a trail of destruction across India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

From an emotional perspective, we pray for lives to be saved and for life to return to normal as soon as possible.

Professionally, CoreNet Global members will step up, when the time is appropriate, to help fellow companies get their operations up and running. We have seen members do what is necessary in previous crises, and we know that we are, above all else, a global community.

When that time comes, we’ll let members know of the specific ways that we are aware of that they can help. In the meantime, there are numerous organizations hard at work providing aid that need support. We recommend researching the outlet you want to individually contribute to, but here is a good list to start.

We are with you. #Houstonstrong