Today’s workers prefer their mobile phones and personal devices rather than desk phones and wired computers. No great surprise.

But it does have implications for the ability to provide seamless connectivity. We’ve all been in offices or spaces where a weak signal may as well indicate a weak pulse. has an interview currently online with Scott Willis of Zinwave, which provides something called Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, which enhances cellular service indoors.

“This is important for the commercial real estate industry because with our increasing dependency on connectivity, both personally and professionally, the CRE sector needs to attract and retain tenants by offering reliable connectivity in buildings. In many cases, cellular connectivity is thought to be the fourth utility,” Willis says in the article.

According to the article, “Zinwave recently conducted a study that found 41% of workers said poor indoor cell signals contributed to their stress levels, and as we know, stress kills productivity. In addition, 74% of workers said they frequently or sometimes experience poor coverage at work.”