Cryptocurrencies may be a thing or they may flame out, depending on who to listen to. 

Now, though, many are saying that they will not have a corporate headquarters. 

“Binance is one of the largest players in the crypto world, an exchange estimated to be worth up to $300 billion, but you’ll notice something unique about the company: it doesn’t have a physical headquarters,” according to

“In recent months, crypto companies have started paving the way for a departure from the sprawling, perk-heavy, glitzy headquarters of Web2 companies like Apple, Google, and Meta, which have devoted billions to Silicon Valley command centers. But their Web3 successors, imbued with the remote-first tenets of the decentralized movement — and bolstered by the rise of remote work during the pandemic — could spell the death of the HQ, which has always served as a physical beacon of the booming tech world.”

Even though crypto is by definition remote-friendly, there may be reasons that a good old fashioned headquarters is still necessary. 

“The company’s lack of established headquarters has gotten the startup into hot water with regulators, who say it makes oversight more difficult,” the article said.