Business leaders in Germany are calling for the “3G” rule to regulate who can enter the workplace, due to an increase in COVID cases in the country, according to TheLocal.

“3G” refers to employees having to get  vaccinated (geimpft), recovered (genesen) or able to supply a negative test (getestet) in order to attend work as usual. 

“Politicians are in danger of making the same mistake they made last autumn, when they shied away from consistent and centrally effective measures,” Siegfried Russwurm, the president of the Federation of German Industry (BDI), told DPA on Tuesday, according to the article.

On Monday, a handful of German companies announced they would be piloting 2 G canteens in their workplaces to allow people with Covid immunity to enjoy a normal dining environment once again. 2G would only allow vaccinated or recovered people to enter. 

Rainer Dulger, president of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations, said that “Whether 2G or 3G, which regulations are practicable for companies must be decided by each company for itself,”  As is so often the case, the most practical solution applies: local companies are best placed to know what makes sense for their employees and the company.”