As economies develop and mature, we think of corporate real estate as the oil that keeps everything running smoothly. Nowhere is this more apparent than in China, where the corporate real estate profession is growing as the national and regional economies interact more with those of other countries.

We were pleased to hold our recent Global Summit in Shanghai, where more than 600 people from more than 20 countries gathered to discuss site location, the workplace and the nature of work, technology, and multinational companies with multicultural locations. In short, all of the elements of our profession in a region of the world where the concept is relatively new, but maturing quickly.

To make the point, here is an interview that our global Board member Shane Guan, MCR, Regional Group Account Director, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions, at Cisco, conducted on Oriental Finance, national broadcast media outlet in China. As Shane tells the audience: “As Chinese companies continue to step into overseas markets and become more global, a new topic is being discussed which is how could the [strategic management] of real estate improve the efficiency and better serve the enterprise. This is the core of what our Summit is examining and exploiting.”

We were pleased that so many attended our Summit and that the word is getting out truly around the world about the value and strategic importance of corporate real estate.

Watch the video.