Companies need to be consistently making bold moves, even at the very peak of their success. This is exactly the sort of thing that new startups and small-scale enterprises do naturally because they have to. But it’s an approach to business that can be learned and applied just as effectively by large organizations and industry incumbents—in fact, by anyone who’s willing to challenge the status quo wherever they are. And for even large companies, being able to adapt quickly to new customers and their habits is of paramount importance.


Corporate real estate plays a big role in how companies meet this mandate. At the CoreNet Global Asia Pacific Summit 2017 in Shanghai, CoreNet Global will kick off the year of global summits with CEO of iflix Malaysia, COO iflix Group, and Former CEO of AirAsia X.

Osman-Rani’s thought-provoking presentation will kick off the CoreNet Global Summit in Shanghai and set the stage for a robust two days of information exchange.

The opening keynote of the session will be held on 22 March, 2017.

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