AppleInsider reports that Dan Whisenhunt, the Apple Vice President and CoreNet Global member, who oversaw the company’s real estate, including the new Apple Park, is retiring. He will be replaced by Kristina Raspe, formerly Apple’s senior director of real estate and development, who is now listed on LinkedIn as Vice President, Global Real Estate and Facilities.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Whisenhunt joined the company in 2007, the year that the iPhone debuted. According to the article, “Driven in large part by the success of its smartphone, Apple’s budget for capital expenditures grew enormously, fueling a massive expansion far beyond Cupertino.”

“During Whisenhunt’s tenure, Apple opened multiple facilities across the U.S. and internationally. These included Apple stores and server farms like a $1 billion facility in North Carolina and centers in Nevada and Oregon, as well as European projects in Ireland and Denmark. The company also poured assets into leased office space in Santa ClaraSan Francisco and other locales, in addition to R&D facilities in ChinaIndiaIndonesiaJapan and the UK.”

We hope he at least gets an iPhone X for his retirement!