More than a third of companies polled by CoreNet Global, say that employees are required to be in the office three days a week, but more than 50 percent also say that there is a gap between the number of days employees are required to be in the office and the number of days they are actually there.

How many days workers are required to be in the office:

·      0 – 25.3 percent

·      1 – 2.8 percent

·      2 – 10.3 percent

·      3 – 36.7 percent

·      4 – 12 percent

·      5 – 12.6 percent

Is there a gap between the mandated number of days and the actual number that workers are coming in?

·      Yes – 55.5 percent

·      No – 44.5 percent

“We are indeed seeing companies that wish to implement post-pandemic, return to office mandates, but employees are pushing back. We will be watching to see how this dynamic plays itself out over the next year,” said Tim Venable, Senior Vice President, Research and Content Development at CoreNet Global.