China Sees Emergence of Smart Cities

“Smart Cities,” defined as metro areas that leverage digital technology and intelligent design to facilitate sustainability along with high-quality living and high-paying jobs, are emerging as a force in China, according to a new CoreNet Global report.

“Over the past two decades, China has had a powerful economic engine that has driven rapid infrastructure growth across the country in projects ranging from high-speed rail and airports to office towers and shopping malls,” the report states. “So, it is no surprise that China also is moving onto the high-tech super highway with ambitious plans to develop a fleet of “smart cities.”

China’s urban population surpassed that of the rural population in 2011 and it is estimated that by 2035 there will be more than 70 percent of the population living in urban areas.  That urbanization is creating more pressure for China to leverage digital technology to create smarter cities.

While smart cities are definitely on the long-term agenda for China’s strategic planning, their impact on corporate real estate and site location decisions remains to be determined.

View the full report here.