eVolo Magazine just announced the winners of its 2018 Skyscraper Competition, and the winners truly seem out of this world: 

The FIRST PLACE was awarded to Skyshelter.zip designed by Damian GranosikJakub Kulisa, and Piotr Pańczyk from Poland. The project is a foldable skyscraper inspired by origami that could be easily transported and deployed in disaster zones.

Jinja: Shinto Shrine Skyscraper designed by Tony Leung  from Hong Kong received the SECOND PLACE. The project aims to restore the traditional interactions between a Shinto Shrine and the local people- an urban building for rice farming, spiritual meditation, and community development.

The recipient of the THIRD PLACE is Claudio C. Araya Arias from Chile for the project Waria Lemuy: Fire Prevention Skyscraper. This proposal envisions a new prototype for vertical housing in areas damaged by wild fires in Chile. The project makes use of passive systems to mitigate wind and disperse water to prevent new fires.

We’re also interested in this honorable mention recipient, a replacement for LAX that interates verticalality, so that the airplanes themselves are not on the ground during boarding.

According to the magazine, “Vertical takeoff and propulsion systems in future aircraft will minimize the need for the kinds of taxiways and runways that are omnipresent in today’s airports.”

Well, OK, but we have more immediate concerns, like how do we catch an Uber at that place?