At the CoreNet Global Summit Shanghai, opening keynote speaker Azran Osman-Rani, CEO, iflix Malaysia, shared valuable insights from his experience leading high-growth companies such as iflix and AirAsia X in an exclusive executive track session.

“You have to scale fast, attractIMG_210122 and onboard amazing people, and set clear structures and expectations,” he said. “You have to provide lots of feedback, quality leadership and mentoring. And you need to define the culture and make it tangible. It’s important to define a core compelling purpose.”

Values are very important. At iflix, they are: be simple, be curious, be real, be brave, and be playful.

Osman-Rani explained that at his company, he is the “last gatekeeper” for hiring interviews. “I do interviews for cultural fit,” he said. “We look for people who cite contributions to the team or to others and who are excited about having their people develop and move on to bigger things. We look for people who are excited about what they can do next, not what they have done in the past.”

Running a start-up company is really no different than running a big company, he said. “It all comes back to those same basics: culture, hiring, values and so on.”

Being small and nimble works only for a while, he said. “At some point, if you don’t have scale, you will get crushed.”