As of early this morning, US time, the British House of Lords has agreed on a bill that would prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Now, Parliament will debate whether and when to hold a new election.

As the future of Brexit is decidedly unclear, there are already implications for the markets.

The pound rallied to a one-week high on Thursday after lawmakers voted to force Prime Minister Johnson to seek a three-month delay to Brexit if he failed to secure a transition agreement with the European Union, according to CNBC.

Whether Britain remains or leaves the EU, the UK’s housing market will be affected, writes Forbes.

Overall though, predicting the impact of Brexit on financial markets, not to mention corporate real estate is about as difficult as determining what will happen to Brexit itself:

“Commercial property might decline by a massive 48 per cent and residential property by 30 per cent after the shock of a no-deal Brexit. Having said that, the GBP weakness may boost attraction towards the UK real estate sector. If the US dollar stays relatively strong compared to the GBP, investors and expatriates in the GCC countries may go bargain hunting after the Brexit fog clears,” according to The National.