You may be reading this post after using biometrics to log on to your smart phone. You probably didn’t even think about the fact that it was biometrics.

But that’s just the beginning, according to a recent article on

“We’re seeing a very rapid evolution from what used to be passwords, then smart cards, and now to biometrics,” said Alex Simons, director of programmanagement in Microsoft’s identity division.

Also according to the article: “Spiceworks, a professional network for people in the IT industry, says nearly 90% of businesses will use biometric authentication by 2020, up from 62% today. Fingerprint scanning is currently the most common type of biometric authentication: 57% of organizations use it. Far fewer, just 14%, use facial recognition…

Companies such as Microsoft (MSFT) and Facebook (FB) are trying to get rid of passwords completely.”

Well thank goodness. They are getting too hard to remember.