Maybe they’ll become priceless artifacts of a long-gone era, like the dining trays from Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, or china from the Titanic.

But for now, Twitter’s decision to auction off items from its headquarters might be just what it seems: an attempt to hunker down and save money. 

“Consider the huge industrial refrigeratorspricey kegerators which dispense beer, rotisserie ovens that can roast 24 whole chickens at a time, pizza ovens, and the vegetable dryers with a huge 20 gallon capacity. And let’s not forget the $10,000 industry-grade coffee machines—a steal,” reports

“Some other items listed at throwaway prices are less appealing, for instance an old iMac or previous generations of $4,000 bicycle-powered USB chargers. These may look like a bargain but may not last or be easy to repair. Especially since the items on sale come with no warranty… Another batch of items, including logo statuettes and neon Twitter bird light electric display are more Twitter-specific and may pique the interest of dedicated fans. A huge “@”-shaped planter is a striking but more generic memento that could fit in well at almost any tech office,” the outlet reported.