Even in what is being called the “great resignation,” tech companies are actively moving and opening new headquarters, including many in Tempe, AZ. They are also adapting new modes of work to reflect changes brought about by the pandemic.

GoDaddy Inc. is moving from Scottsdale, Arizona to a tech-righ region in Tempe, AZ. GoDaddy employs 3,100 people in Arizona out of a global workforce of 9,600, according to AZ Central.

Arizona currently has 40 larger public corporations with a stock market worth of at least $1 billion. The vast majority are now clustered in eastern metro Phoenix.

With the GoDaddy move, Tempe is now home to nine of those corporations, tied with Scottsdale. Phoenix has the most corporate headquarters with 18. Chandler has two, and Mesa and Tucson have one each. The southeast Valley also counts other large employers, from a regional office of State Farm in Tempe to an expanding Intel semiconductor campus in Chandler, according to the report.

“As part of our new, hybrid work model, we understand our offices will be used less but with more intentionality — to meet, collaborate and connect with one another,” said Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy’s vice president of global real estate. “The office will continue to be an essential place for our people to come together.”

“GoDaddy said it will utilize a “Hub-Club-Home” model, where some employees work full-time in an office (the hub), some work part of the week in an office (the club) and others work exclusively from home. GoDaddy also cited a wide employee base in Tempe and the surrounding area for the move.”