Someday, our grandchildren are going to get their hands on an iPhone XI and wonder how we ever got anything done with something so clunky.

But what will they be using instead?

Major tech companies are betting on smart glasses.

Say what, Google Glass?

Well, the thinking is that the concept may have been ahead of its time, and is now designed to allay fears of illicit photos of unsuspecting people.

It’s not just Google. Microsoft, Snap, Apple, and others are also designing prototypes.

Virtual reality is great, but those clunky headsets have to get a lot smaller. And glasses with all of the info from our phones? It seems a little odd, too.

But then again, setting our air conditioning and turning out the lights from our phone seemed pretty futuristic not so long ago.

If tech does go hands free, which it seems like it should and will, where does it go?