If you’ve ever wondered how to “upcycle” an office tower, that is completely renovate an existing skyscraper without demolishing it, take a look at this video.

As reported in BusinessInsider, the Quay Quarter Tower is considered the world’s first upcycled tower. 

“The tower, which opened earlier this year, was based on AMP Centre that opened in 1976 and had reached the end of its viable life. Its owner, AMP Capital, wanted a more eye-catching and energy-efficient building that could meet the needs of tenants in the 21st century, but was also concerned about the environmental impact of demolishing the structure.”

The building’s owners hope that the design will help “redefine the future of work” and “promote human interaction.”

The World Architecture Forum judging panel, which named it the World Building of the Year, said the “vertical village” created a “sense of community”, with the stacked atriums allowing “exceptional views, while also allowing daylight deep into each floor”, news.com.au reported.

photo credit: BusinessInsider, Adam Mork/3XN