New York City may be benefitting from tech expansions, in addition to Amazon’s decision to locate part of the company’s HQ2 in The Big Apple.

The New York Times reports that Google may move into 1.3 million square feet of offices at the St. Johns Terminal building in Manhattan.

The property, which is expected to be completed in 2022, would allow the internet giant to significantly increase its presence in the city. Google employs around 7,000 in New York, and a space that size could allow it to more than double its local work force.

New York’s technology work force is also among the nation’s largest, with many computer engineers working on the enormous data systems that power big financial institutions. Roughly 25 percent of Goldman Sachs’s work force, for example, is dedicated to technology tasks, according to reports…

But one thing the city has not been able to claim in a long time is a technology powerhouse of its own.