Artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer a concept of the future as it is very much in the present. Do you have an Amazon Echo or an iPhone with Siri or a Google Home device? You are using artificial intelligence.

And we’re obviously only just scratching the surface of what AI can – and will – do. While it’s certainly amazing, it’s just as frightening to think of what will happen to a variety of human job functions as they are taken over by AI.

Futurist Benjamin Pring (@benjaminpring) was writing about cloud computing when we were still buying floppy discs. He recently wrote a piece outlining jobs and job functions of the future that are not imperiled by artificial intelligence.

“The jobs cover many disciplines, markets, and technologies, but fall within three key themes;

  • Coaching – helping people get better at things e.g. managing their finances, managing their weight.
  • Caring – improving people’s health and wellness.
  • Connecting – man and machine, “traditional” and “shadow” IT, the physical and the virtual, commerce with ethics.

These 3C’s speak to a universal truth – that no matter how technological our age becomes ultimately we, as humans, want the human touch.”

All of this obviously ties in very closely to corporate real estate, which is why we’ve asked Pring to deliver a keynote address at our upcoming CoreNet Global Summit in Singapore, 12-15 March.

We hope you’ll attend to get Pring’s insightful look into the future.