Much has been written about “employee experience” and about how to attract and retain the best, brightest young talent. The 2nd CoreNet Global Academic Challenge goes to the source to learn what students are actually thinking and how corporations can position themselves to be THE employer of choice.

There is no single way of looking at and defining employee experience; it tends to be a combination of three environments: cultural, physical, and technological. There are organizations that believe employee experience is simply about diversity and inclusion. Others view it as the same thing as engagement –with a new name, and a few believe that experience is about streamlining employee interactions even before they join the company.

The newest generation to the workforce, the Millennials (also known as Generation Y), born between 1982 and 2004, has been classified as the most idealistic, diverse, digitally-enabled, impatient, social, and, perhaps most importantly, the most ambitious generation yet. While these are all traits that can make a positive impact on your organization, it is a tall task to retain and motivate Millennials for a variety of reasons. Consequently, we’re going directly to the source to find out the expectations this group has of their employers. Through providing Millennials with a platform to design an employee experience that maximizes productivity and creative ability, reduces employee turnover, and accommodates employees at different stages of their life and career, we will discover innovative ways to strengthen the talent pipeline.

During the 2nd CoreNet Global Academic Challenge, teams of 3-5 students from universities around the world will act as consultants retained by a large multinational corporation. The teams will consult for an organization in either Finance, High-Tech, Insurance, or Manufacturing; they will work in the Innovation Pavilion at the CoreNet Global Summit in a ‘living laboratory’, collaborating “Hackathon-style” and interacting with conference attendees – through individual interviews and focus groups.

Teams will be paired with CoreNet Global Young Leaders, chapter leaders, and senior corporate real estate (CRE) executives in each of the vertical markets to help inform the students’ work. The teams will present their solutions to a jury of CRE professionals and academics, and the winning team will be announced at the CoreNet Global Awards & Recognition Dinner. Competition winners will receive $5,000 USD for the team as well as a grant of $5,000 USD for their home university to support corporate real estate education.

So far, we’ve had very encouraging feedback from all over the world, and we are optimistic that this will be a fun and insightful addition to the upcoming Summit in Philadelphia. Join us in helping recruit teams from your local universities.  What better way to say “hello” than by offering an opportunity to win scholarship dollars or a grant to support a professor’s work? Please visit to read the Competition Briefing and Rules.

The CoreNet Global Academic Challenge is the only student competition focusing on corporate real estate. There are many other student competitions, but there are none that offer CoreNet Global’s experience and awards.