Is Your Company’s Stated Policy Part of Its Sustainability Practices?

Your company’s new downtown headquarters has a green roof, water reclamation and solar power. It’s got LEED Gold certification. But it may be missing a critical element, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, in a recently published essay.Read more

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Do You Know The Difference Between Adaptability and Flexibility?

What’s the difference between adaptability and flexibility?Read more

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Here’s a new term that will either become a permanent part of the corporate real estate vernacular, or one of the buzz words that hangs around for a while and then fizzles: placemaking.Read more

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Investing in Occupancy Sensors? 3 Considerations Before You Buy

Guest blog by, Liz Voeller, Comfy

Part 3 of 3-part series

This is our third and final part of the blog on occupancy sensors, and as discussed in part 1 and 2 there’s a lot for buyers to consider when trying to make an informed purchase. Two questions we hear are, “how do I sort through the various sensor technologies and know which ones are best for my business?” The first step in solving this conundrum is for decision makers to define and prioritize their use cases and get a better sense of what types of sensor technologies match their needs. But what else do you need to consider in your sensor selection? We break it down here.Read more

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The Evolving Workplace

A new Forbes column highlights the evolving workplace and introduces some key terms and concepts we should all be familiar with:Read more

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No Deal BREXIT Also Ruled Out By Parliament

According to the Wall Street Journal: British lawmakers unexpectedly ruled out a no-deal exit from the European Union on Wednesday, likely eliminating the prospect of a chaotic U.K. departure from the bloc that many businesses have depicted as a worst-case scenario for the country’s economy.Read more

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Your Guide to Occupancy Sensors for the Modern Workplace

Guest blog by Liz Voeller, Comfy

Part 2 of a 3-part series

Given the reality of rising real estate costs and low space utilization, leading corporate executives are turning towards IoT-enabled workplace tech to get more productivity from the people and space they already have. Occupancy sensors, particularly when combined with workplace experience apps, are a popular option for real estate teams interested in using real-time data to both enhance the employee experience and to better inform workplace decisions. But while some sensor types have been around awhile, the landscape has evolved substantially in recent years. How do you choose which sensors make the most sense for your workplace?Read more

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Compensation For Corporate Real Estate Professionals Jumps — Again!

In a recent survey of corporate real estate executives at corporations globally, 87 percent reported that their base salary increased from 2017 to 2018, by an average of 5.3 percent. In addition, 80 percent projected further increases of roughly 4 percent on average in 2019, according to a survey conducted by CoreNet Global and FPL Associates.Read more

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Hong Kong Trade Development Council Announces Moves to Help Companies

This week, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) announced a plan to help companies adapt to technology and innovation.Read more

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Amazon’s HQ2 Search – Another Twist in a Fascinating Site Selection Process

Guest blog by Morley Driedger, Manager Innovation, Strategy, Planning & Workplace,  Enterprise Real Estate, TD Bank Group

At the 2018 CoreNet Global North American Summit in Boston I moderated a panel on Amazon’s HQ2 Search. For those unfamiliar with this topic, in 2017, Amazon publicly announced that it was looking for a second headquarters that would be a full equal to their existing headquarters in Seattle. Of the 238 cities across North America that responded with proposals, 20 were considered finalists, before New York City, and Northern Virginia (Washington) were declared winners, with Nashville also winning an operations center. Read more

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Considering Occupancy Sensors? 7 Questions to Ask

Guest Blog by Neha Sharma, Comfy

Part one of a three-part series

In a world where new workplace technology seems to emerge every day, we’re empathetic to the frustrations of workplace strategists and real estate leaders trying to make sense of it all. If the goal is to create a unified workplace experience—one in which both physical and digital systems work seamlessly together to deliver more satisfied building occupants and significant operational savings that boost the bottom-line—how do you sort through all the possible tech solutions and choose a provider who can actually deliver the most value?

We get it. We’ve been there, too.

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Propane for Energy Efficient Buildings?

Making our buildings more efficient, and sustainably using energy is a growing priority for our profession.

And, while many of us think of propane gas ideal primarily for our backyard grills and recreational vehicles, the Propane Education & Research Council is urging consideration of propane as a source of energy for several functions that will allow the building to use energy in ways that are cleaner and more efficient.Read more

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