Web Conferencing Tips

Chances are you’ve been on several web conference calls  in the last couple weeks, and you may have even hosted a virtual meeting for the first time. Read more

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Crisis Hits Manufacturing in Mumbai

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has interrupted manufacturing at facilities in Mumbai, notably in the industrial cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat, according to a new reportRead more

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And Now, This….

Not that we don’t have enough to worry about. But let’s take a moment to address cyber hacking.Read more

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Top Trends in Workplace Experience for 2020

Guest blog by, Leon Papkoff, CEO and Chief Strategist, The CXApp

Considering the rise of the gig economy, organizations are shifting focus to employee engagement in order to attract top talent, keep it, and inspire innovation. Employees want to be more than just a number. A company culture that is rooted in immersive experiences and putting the focus back on the employees wants and needs is where we’re seeing the focus shift to.

The way employees can move within and interact with physical ‘spaces’ has become a competitive differentiator for creating these immersive experiences. That means innovation and technology have to be integrated at a foundational level.

Each touchpoint an employee has with their workplace factors into overall sentiment be it digital, physical or otherwise.

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Corporate Real Estate Professionals Proactively Engaged In Supporting Their Companies’ Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A global survey of corporate real estate (CRE) professionals – those who manage real estate assets for large corporations – reveals that CRE is playing a strategic role in helping companies respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak by partnering more closely with other key corporate functions, ensuring employee health and safety and supporting business continuity efforts through remote working and other means.Read more

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Leadership Lessons from a 14-Year-Old CEO

Hillary Yip is not your average 14-year-old. In addition to attending school and surviving grueling academic demands on a daily basis, the ninth grader also runs her own business. Growing up as a digital native, Yip, like many other teens, understands the significance of keeping pace with innovation and the digital transformation. That tech-savvy mindfulness prompted her, at age 10, to launch an online social language learning app: Minor Mynas. The idea came to her after a long struggle to learn Mandarin. As the founder and CEO of Minor Mynas, she is building a global community for kids to learn while having fun on the safest online platform.

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Coronavirus | 5 Smart Steps to Protect Your People and Business

Reposted with permission from Rex Miller, https://rexmiller.com/

For more resources on protecting your business and your people, visit www.corenetglobal.org/coronavirus

If you are like most business leaders, you’ve spent a lot of brain time on the coronavirus wondering what to do to protect your people and business.

The coronavirus crisis is best summarized by the World Health Organization Director-General who said, “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.”

This raises two central problems:
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CoreNet Global’s Academic Challenge Contestants Deliver Innovative Strategies For Challenging Times

These are challenging times for corporate real estate professionals. Even before the looming coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, economic signs were pointing to a coming recession. At APAClive, a virtual summit that is/was focused on corporate real estate and business continuity, a test was presented to three competing teams in CoreNet Global’s Academic Challenge: develop a proactive strategy.  Read more

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Corporate Real Estate Executives In Asia Say Lessons From Coronavirus Outbreak Will Have Lasting Impact

At a roundtable discussion held during APACLive, a virtual conference focusing on corporate real estate in Asia-Pacific hosted this week by CoreNet Global, corporate real estate leaders said that the changes in work patterns in response to the outbreak will last longer than the outbreak itself.Read more

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Smart Buildings: Growing Focus on Occupant-Centric Workplaces

Guest blog by Daphne Tomlinson, Senior Research Associate, Memoori

One major trend reshaping the smart buildings market is the increased focus on occupant-centric workplaces, which has developed over the past few years. Organizations are looking for new ways to attract and retain the best people and empower them to be productive. Shifts in the landscape of work are driving a greater focus on occupant experiences and interactions with buildings. Although challenging to quantify, the impact of employee surroundings on business performance is receiving increased attention.

Today’s smart buildings enable occupants to:

  • Personalize
  • Find
  • Optimize
  • Communicate
  • Conserve
  • Control
  • Secure


Other key trends include:

  • With office densification rates increasing across the world, combined with evidence of poor space utilization and the expectations of occupants for more human and productive environments, the need for workspace management platforms to provide better insight into the repurposing of current workplaces has never been so urgent.
  • While established green building certification schemes such as BREEAM and LEED have begun to cover aspects of health and wellbeing within their assessments, over the past 2 years we have seen other third party-validated assessments gaining traction in the market, including WELL, Fitwel and the Leesman+ certification.

These findings are part of a comprehensive new report from Memoori on occupancy analytics and in-building location-based services.

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New Rules Governing Building Façades in New York City Take Effect

Guest blog by Frank Scanlon, RA, AIA, Associate, CTA ARCHITECTS P.C.

Major changes are occurring with the New York City Department of Building’s (DOB) Façade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP), with new rules that will require additional checks, substantial penalties, and a more expansive, expensive process to improve safety in the city’s structures.Read more

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Will Workers Go Back To The Office After Coronavirus?

The technical ability to work remotely, or from home (all I need is a phone and a lap top!) has for a long while been juxtaposed against the need for collaboration and team work in the office.Read more

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