Netflix and Chill!

Chances are the newest additions to your real estate portfolio don’t include 161,000 square feet of television and movie production space in Brooklyn, as well as 100,000 square feet of new office space in the Flatiron district in Manhattan.

But they do if you’re Netflix!

The company’s new office space will house about 160 New York-based executives.

According to Variety: Under the deal with Netflix, Empire State Development — the state’s economic development agency — has offered up to $4 million in performance-based tax credits over 10 years, which are directly tied to job creation. To receive the full incentive, Netflix must create the 127 jobs by 2024 at its new executive production office and then retain those new jobs (and their existing 32 office jobs) for another five years.


The building at 888 Broadway is undergoing a major renovation expected to be completed by summer 2019 that will include a new office lobby and the addition of a penthouse and rooftop patio space.

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Investing in Occupancy Sensors? 3 Considerations Before You Buy

Guest blog by, Liz Voeller, Comfy

Part 3 of 3-part series

This is our third and final part of the blog on occupancy sensors, and as discussed in part 1 and 2 there’s a lot for buyers to consider when trying to make an informed purchase. Two questions we hear are, “how do I sort through the various sensor technologies and know which ones are best for my business?” The first step in solving this conundrum is for decision makers to define and prioritize their use cases and get a better sense of what types of sensor technologies match their needs. But what else do you need to consider in your sensor selection? We break it down here.Read more

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The Evolving Workplace

A new Forbes column highlights the evolving workplace and introduces some key terms and concepts we should all be familiar with:Read more

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No Deal BREXIT Also Ruled Out By Parliament

According to the Wall Street Journal: British lawmakers unexpectedly ruled out a no-deal exit from the European Union on Wednesday, likely eliminating the prospect of a chaotic U.K. departure from the bloc that many businesses have depicted as a worst-case scenario for the country’s economy.Read more

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