For several years, attendees of the CoreNet Global summits around the world have been trying on virtual reality and augmented reality devices that replicate building sites, plans, and concepts. Walk from the parking lot to the sales center, view the green roof from above and compare various interior layout concepts – all without leaving the CoreNet Global Innovation Pavilion.

These devices are ever inching toward becoming mainstream, and of course there have been fits and starts on the way to progress. Google Glass, anyone?

But things might get a lot closer at the coming Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas.

According to a recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Amazon is set to launch its first Alexa-Enabled Digital Glasses

“Vuzix Corp. will show off a pair of smart glasses that can talk to Inc.’s voice-activated digital assistant and display information to the wearer’s field of view,” Vuzix Chief Executive Officer Paul Travers said in an interview.

How will virtual reality and augmented reality affect corporate real estate? How’s this, according to an article in RealComm: Imagine design consultants working interactively with clients in a virtual representation of an outdoor or indoor space. They could view together, in real-time, the effects of changes in design parameters, placement of objects, etc.

We’re guessing that the pair on display at CES will also show sports scores. But the possibilities truly are endless.