WeWork Buys Rival in China

Growing co-working giant WeWork as acquired Chinese competitor Naked Hub, according to CNBC:Read more

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New Technology Solution Attempts To Bridge Corporate Real Estate And IT

A new technology solution that aims to integrate corporate real estate and IT was released recently by HPE Aruba in Santa Clara, according to an article in CRN Magazine, an information technology trade publication.Read more

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The Workplace May Become Digital, But It Will Still Be An Ecosystem

“In nature, a healthy and sustainable ecosystem is an environment in which diverse organisms thrive and interact. Likewise, a successful digital workplace ecosystem offers a dynamic network of spaces and environments where employees and on-demand workers will feel engaged, effective and supported by the right digital and physical resources,” according to this article in Work Design Magazine by Peter Miscovich. Read more

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Brexit Who? Companies Are Occupying Space in London

When the so-called Brexit vote, for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union took place two years ago, many thought occupiers would leave the U.K. But the Wall Street Journal reports this week that the London real estate market is strong. Read more

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Young Leader Insights: Melissa Pesci

Melissa Pesci, AIA

Vice President and Principal

HGA Architects and Engineers


What’s your educational background?

I grew up outside Detroit, not too far from the University of Michigan. I went to Crankbrook in Michigan, then did my undergraduate study at Colgate University in New York. I knew I wanted to go into architecture but did a five-year masters program so I could get the liberal arts background as well. I majored in art and economics, then I went to the University of Michigan for my Master’s in Architecture.Read more

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The Cloud’s Impact on Corporate Real Estate

So many corporations are moving to cloud-based storage that they are creating a new asset class: data centers, according to The Wall Street Journal.Read more

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Got Bottled Water?

Attracting and retaining top talent has become part of the corporate real estate professional’s portfolio.Read more

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It Seems Just As Easy to Actually Go Outside, But We’re Not Arguing

Trying to get their employees the benefits of nature and the outdoors, without having to go outside, some top companies are experimenting with biophilic design. Read more

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Congratulations, Sir

AppleInsider reports that Dan Whisenhunt, the Apple Vice President and CoreNet Global member, who oversaw the company’s real estate, including the new Apple Park, is retiring. Read more

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Getting Students In On The Ground Floor of the Corporate Real Estate Profession

Corporate real estate is life, and life is corporate real estate. Well of course we know that, but for students, a career in corporate real estate may be less clear. And we have been working hard to fix that!Read more

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Home of the Red Sox, the Old North Church and Amazon’s HQ2?

If it’s all about artificial intelligence, then Amazon’s much anticipated second North American headquarters is headed to Beantown.Read more

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Old Retail Spaces Create Opportunities for Corporate Real Estate

Will we have to explain to our kids or grandkids what a mall was? Maybe. But only if they look up from the website they are buying jeans on long enough to listen.Read more

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