Video with Jon Dandurand on QPCR

Young Leader, Jon Dandurand, discusses the benefits of a CoreNet Global Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) designation! Check it out here:Read more

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Young Leader Insights: Varun Agarwal

Varun Agarwal, MCR

Regional Portfolio Manager – Africa & Middle East

Standard Chartered BankRead more

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Build a Project Team that Brings You Joy (And Lets You Sleep at Night)

Guest Post By: Rose Mondragon, Project Manager, stok

Once you have your lease, it’s time to build your team. Here are a few key considerations when putting together the right skillsets and work styles to optimize communication and collaboration through your project team:Read more

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The Virtual Headquarters

eXp is adopting quite literally the concept of the virtual headquarters – and taking it a step further.Read more

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The Mouse is On The Move in NYC

According to a report in The Real Deal, Disney is moving its New York offices.Read more

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More CoreNet Global in the News

Networks Asia has published an article by CoreNet Global Asia Pacific Summit speakers Ben Pring and Peter Andrew on the influence of artificial intelligence (AI).Read more

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Traction in India for Corporate Real Estate, Thanks to CoreNet Global

Congratulations to Sathish Rajendran , Program and Learning Director of Corenet Global India Chapter, for his interview in The Hindu, discussing how CoreNet Global is helping to fill the need for corporate real estate talent in India.Read more

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Be an Outsider at Work

by Leigh Stringer

If you’ve bought anything from L.L.Bean recently you might have noticed their “Be An Outsider” campaign, encouraging people to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

We spend 95% of our waking hours indoors, and half of those hours are at work. We are more productive, more creative, less stressed and happier outside. It just makes sense. Being outdoors puts us in touch with the way we spent most of our days until just a few hundred years ago. It’s time we got outdoors more during the workday, not just evenings and weekends.Read more

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How Do You Open A Corporate Campus?

How do you open up a corporate campus?  With a ton of glass, a number of portals and a whole lot of attitude, according to a recent column in Forbes.Read more

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The Challenges Of Co-Working, From The Corporate Real Estate Perspective

Co-working would seem like a corporate real estate executive’s best friend: it provides flexibility, lower costs, and employee (read, millennial) – friendly environments.

Is there a downside?Read more

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Young Leader Insights: Lorena Compean Casimiro

Lorena Compean Casimiro

Corporate Real Estate Operational Management, Asia Pacific

HSBC Read more

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Biometrics in the Workplace

You may be reading this post after using biometrics to log on to your smart phone. You probably didn’t even think about the fact that it was biometrics.Read more

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