Young Leader Insights: Lorena Compean Casimiro

Lorena Compean Casimiro

Corporate Real Estate Operational Management, Asia Pacific

HSBC Read more

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Biometrics in the Workplace

You may be reading this post after using biometrics to log on to your smart phone. You probably didn’t even think about the fact that it was biometrics.Read more

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Women in Corporate Real Estate

If you’d compare a CoreNet Global Summit from 15 years ago  to one today you’d notice some obvious differences: iPhones have replaced Blackberries, no one physically connects to the Internet anymore, and virtual reality really is a thing!Read more

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Brexit? Tech Companies Still Like Britain

Even with Brexit, the UK’s plan to leave the European Union, looming, technology companies are still investing and setting up shop, according to a report on CNN:Read more

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Technology and CRE

Technology is so ever-present in our lives today, it seems less like technology, and more like just life. Read more

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Before Signing that Lease: The Phase that Makes or Breaks Your Project

Guest Post By: Rose Mondragon, Project Manager, stok

The invaluable role of Project Manager begins in the pre-lease phase. Set your project up for success with the following pre-lease considerations: Read more

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Companies Taking Space at New World Trade Center Tower

Three World Trade Center, a new 80-story, 2.5 million-square-foot office building officially opens for business next week, at 40 percent leased, according to CNBC.Read more

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Job Growth (and everything else??) is Bigger in Texas

They say Texas is a whole other country, and according to this report from, that may well be the case in terms of job creation.Read more

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Are Corporate Campuses Going the Way of The Mall?

Changes in the way we work and live are leaving corporate campuses that once housed headquarters as hulking relics, not unlike shopping malls across the U.S., according to a fascinating new article on Marketwatch.Read more

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The “Cloud” Is Actually Northern Virginia

As we’ve mentioned before, the seemingly incessant demand for data – and data storage – is one of the hottest trends in corporate real estate right now. Read more

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Young Leader Insights: Abhinav (Abe) Somani

Abhinav (Abe) Somani

Global CEO

LEVERTON CorporationRead more

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Honoring The Best

CoreNet Global is proud every year to recognize the best of the best in corporate real estate. Each year, we present awards for professional excellence and sustainable leadership.

These winners and finalists are also eligible to receive the 2018 H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator’s Award (GIA), sponsored by Gensler. The GIA competition will take place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in July. The overall GIA winner will be announced at the CoreNet Global Summit in Boston October 14-17. Read more

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