A Sneak Peek at the New GE Headquarters in Boston

The Boston Business Journal is out with a sneak peek at the new corporate headquarters for GE being developed along the South Boston waterfront.Read more

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VF Corp Moves HQ from Winston Salem to Denver

Several corporate headquarters have announced moves to Denver.Read more

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Jobs Report is Positive For Real Estate: Resources Available at CareersBuildingCommunities.org

Hiring in the real estate sector is strong due to overall economic expansion.Read more

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Get the App

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the hottest trend for landlords and employers is supplying workers with apps that do much more than reserve conference room space.Read more

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Online Retailers Plan Careful RE Strategy

Online start-up retailer Casper, which sells mattresses, is launching a deliberate bricks and mortar retail strategy, starting with a pilot in New York, and plans to open 200 stores across the U.S.Read more

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How to Better Utilize Project Managers: 3 Strategies for Success

Guest Post By: Rose Mondragon, Project Manager, stok

The holy “AEC” trinity of Architects, Engineers, and Contractors is widely accepted as the backbone of a successful building project. While Project Managers (often called Owner’s Rep or Tenant Rep) play a major role behind the scenes, it’s time to re-think their place and influence on projects. These silent schedulers, budget masters, and cat-herders extraordinaire can have a major impact on project outcomes, and there are three key areas that aren’t currently optimized in traditional Project Management assignments. Read more

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San Francisco Takes Aim At a Well-Known Tech Perk

It’s one of Silicon Valley’s best-known employee perks, the increasingly upscale, sustainable – and often free – corporate cafeteria. Companies such as Google and Facebook have become well known for providing their employees with places to eat.Read more

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Young Leader Insights: Brenda Lu

Brenda Lu, MCR

APAC Real Estate Director, Operations 


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Smart Cities, Getting Smarter….

“Smart city” is one of the terms that seems to apply to many different areas, and yet lacks a clear definition.Read more

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Corporate Wellness Now Includes Community Engagement

In the latest nod to the ways in which millennials are changing the way we work, many companies – Salesforce, Unilever and Facebook among them – are rewarding employees who volunteer in their local communities, as part of their overall wellness programs.Read more

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Taking The Plunge on A Skyscraper..

Check out the exciting new feature of the 121-meter (397-foot) tall Liebian Building in GuiyangChina: it has an actual waterfall that plunges 350 feet to the plaza below.Read more

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JLL Nabs Google Exec

JLL is saying that its recent hire of Vinay Goel from Google is a “game changer” for corporate real estate.Read more

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